Waris Shah

Waris Shah (1722–1798) was born in Jandiala Sher Khan, Punjab, Pakistan into a reputed Syed family. His father's name was Gulshar Shah. He is renowned for his Qissa Heer Ranjha. Waris Shah acknowledged himself as a disciple of Pir Makhdum of Kasur. Waris Shah's parents are said to have died when he was young, and he probably received his education at the shrine of his preceptor. After completing his education in Kasur, he went to Pakpattan and then moved to Malka Hans. Here he resided in a small room, adjacent to a historic masjid, now called Masjid Waris Shah. We are presenting Heer in Enlish translated by Sant Singh Sekhon as 'The Love Of Hir And Ranjha'. We are very grateful to Prof. Gurbhajan Singh Gill for his help to make this great book available for English readers.